Post Caps

  • Miterless Wood Post Caps - Our Miterless Post Caps™ are made from a single piece of wood and won't break apart like others on the market. We router the bottom of our post cap to fit over your post so it will protect the end grain from deteriorating. No other Post Cap supplier can boast a Lifetime Guarantee Against Splitting At The Corners!

  • Wood & Metal Post Caps - A value-added combination of our Miterless wood bases paired with our thick 20-gauge copper or stainless steel. Still completely Miterless and guaranteed not to split. Totally unique designs and high quality materials make these fence post caps stand out among the rest. The Copper or Stainles top fits over the entire wood base to give it added protection from the elements. 

  • Copper Post Caps - Hands down the thickest one-piece copper on the market. These post caps have a 33 degree angle top which provides a much more attractive look than the flater top post caps you might get at Home Depot. This feature gives you that one-of-a-kind look to your fence posts. Because they are 100% copper they will patina green over time, but can be treated with a clear laquer spray to keep its bright reflective shine. 

  • Stainless Steel Post Caps - 20-gauge stainless steel. Basic design and industrial grade metal make this the ultimate metal fence post cap. Also made with a 33 degree angle top to give it that elegant look. Many have tried to copy this feature with NO success. Get the best here at Post Cap Depot.

  • Copper Finials - Globe and Pineapple finials can either slip over the post top or they can screw directly into the top of your fence post. Get that nautical look with our "marina-friendly" models. As with all our copper, these will patina to a green color over time. 

Post Cap Depot brings you the only true Miterless Post Caps™ made of wood, copper and stainless steel to cover your fence or deck. The most common complaint about fence post caps is that they "split at the corners!". Our quality caps are Guaranteed For Life Never To Split At The Corners, so you can rest easy knowing your fence investment has the best protection possible.