Statue of Liberty Post Caps!

Lady Liberty Shops at Post Cap Depot

When she wanted to preserve her "posts" she chose well!  The only choice..... Post Cap Depot!

copper post caps on the railings at statue of liberty park

copper pyramid post caps on the statue of liberty's railings

post cap depot copper pyramids on the statue of liberty stairs

The statue of Liberty engineers set out looking for a Copper Post Cap that would eliminate maintenance for their stairs and deck railings. They went on the internet and researched maintenance-free Post Caps. After receiving  samples from multiple suppliers they finally found us! They requested samples and once they saw the quality of our Copper Post Caps the search was over, hands down we were their choice. Why not follow in Lady Liberty's footsteps and choose well! 


copper pyramid post cap wood base copper post cap copper globe post cap

Copper Pyramids

as low as $10

Wood/Metal Combo Post Caps

as low as $12

Copper Federal Globes

as low as $20


routered wood post cap under sideWhat is a Miterless Post Cap™?

A Miterless Wood Post Cap™ has no joints or staples at the corners because it is cut from a single piece of wood. That way the cap sits flush on top of the post making it easy to save your fence posts from water damage and weather rot. We provide an affordable alternative to competitors who assemble their fence post caps from multiple pieces of wood, allowing water to seep in the cracks and destroy your investment much faster than if it was protected with the Original Miterless Post Caps™. Our one-piece designs are guaranteed for life not to split at the corners and you won't find a better price for this kind of quality protection. 

-- All sizes available --

Whatever size posts you have, Post Cap Depot can deliver a high grade protective product straight to your door. Easily find products to fit 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 4x6, 8x8 and various other sized post caps at Post Cap Depot.