Who Is Post Cap Depot?

Post Cap Depot was established because the consumer was in need of a high quality post cap supplier offering innovative and high quality products that could be guaranteed to last. We take pride in offering only the finest quality products to our customers at the most reasonable prices possible. The real claim we can make is we GUARANTEE our product for a lifetime, from splitting apart at the corners. We are real people with real jobs and real families, and we are reachable with a simple phone call (unlike many other suppliers here in the USA)

Which size cap will fit my post?

Measure your post! Make sure your post is either a "nominal size" (actual size once the rough cut post is shaved down). Here's an example; typically a 4x4 post when cut at the mill is actually 4' x 4". It becomes a nominal size after it is shaved smooth. Nominal 4x4 posts measure anywhere from 3 1/2" to 3 5/8" square. A TRUE/ Rough Cut 4x4 post measures a true 4". Make sure you know which type of post you have. Usually all posts from Home Depot,  Lowes or Menards are "nominal" in size. For this reason an extra measurement can save you time and trouble. We want to be sure we send you the proper size post cap for your posts.

What materials do you use for your products?

  • Copper - 100% polished copper, 20- 21 gauge. No coating is applied so your copper will patina to an elegant green over time. You can apply a clear coating to preserve the shiny look if you desire.
  • Wood - Primarily Mahogany (one of the best hardwoods on the market). Mahogany will accept stain or paint the same as cedar or pressure treated wood. It can also be left alone and it will age similar to cedar. It is extremely hard so we recommend pre-drilling if you will nail or screw into your posts.
  • Stainless Steel - 100% polished stainless steel. 20-21 gauge stainless is used (thickest on the market). These are virtually mantainence free for life.

How do I install your post caps?

Install wood post caps simply by applying liquid nail or any other similar outdoor glue to the top of you post. Apply in the shape of an "S" and don't be bashfull about how much you use. You can also pre-drill a hole in the caps and use a wood deck screw to secure without any glue. Install copper or stainless caps using the supplied screws. No pre-drilling required, the screws will self thread into your post.

What is "end grain"?

This is probably the most important term to understand. "End Grain" is a term used to describe the cut end of your post. When a mill cuts your post they leave the "grain" exposed on the ends. It almost becomes a "wick" for water to gravitate towards. This is the most likely place for moisture to enter the post. Over time if not protected from this moisture, the posts will deteriorate from this "end grain" exposure. For maximum protection only use MITERLESS post caps to completly cover the "end grain" of your post and eliminate all joints in your post caps.